Honesty… Honestly

Billy Joel once capitulated upon it in his song by that name: “Honesty… is hardly ever heard, and mostly what I need from you.’

Why is it so hard to be honest? What simple truth will do is so much more powerful. Can we get through a whole day with out a single white lie?  No answer is better than a false answer: How are you?  … fine?  There are ways to circumvent the self exposure that an honest answer would reveal.  Answering with a question can be useful.  Any will do – to take the onus off of you for a moment.  But this is only scratching the surface, the superficial.  Real honesty — deep truth can be frightening to bear, much less share.

Remember now, how celebrated those people in our history have become, when their honesty and guts were put to the test?  Better people –  better life.

Own up and take hold of your personal integrity.  Be the person you aspire to be.  If it is a half truth, you are only cheating yourself.  Be careful, be compassionate, and be discriminative for the sake of others.  But do not spare the truth, as it can also be your best protection.

Honor is its reward.  You see, it’s really the same thing.

About Jean

Jean lives and works in the Great Northern state of Minnesota. Singer, musician, animal lover and spiritual pilgrim, she helps the office run smoothly by day, and trains clients in personal fitness and healthy living every other moment possible. She is the mother of two wonderful adult children, a daughter and son, who are forging their paths and both exercising their artistic talents.
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