Don’t Hesitate!

I think I need to re-prioritize my life.

My thought is put God first, partner and family second, and friends and work third. There are 8760 hours in a year. Most of us spend 2920 hours a year working.  Spend 500 (or more) hours a year driving, and 2555 hours sleeping.  Then 1643 hours eating, exercising and doing personal care, leaving about 1142 hours of “free time”( if I go by this rough math).  That is the time to relax or do activities that are enjoyable or that help others… yet it feels as though the work hours get the most attention.  The most brain time or conscious-thought-and-consideration time.  Really, the monies gotten for the sake of that preoccupying sacrifice are of relatively little value, ultimately.

How do I shift this focus? How do I honor my God, meet my spiritual needs, value my precious people, and find fulfillment in what I do? There must be balance in life.  Many times, it amazes me that I am fitting so much in to my life.  I must be multi-tasking (Fractionating) at a constant rate.  There is no law stating that I must continue to uphold the previous choices made.  Each day is new, and I can make new choices.  Living linear, in this time-space continuum, progress is often measured by an on-going commitment to finish what has been started. Always building upon those previous choices. However, looking at this objectively I realize changing direction, even ever so slightly, will change my destination.

What I am working out here is: I am ready to change direction. I want something else now; I just don’t know quite what that looks like yet.  There are dreams I haven’t approached yet.  (This will not bode well should I find myself knocking at heaven’s door.) One of the lessons learned in this life is to not hesitate. Step out in faith, and don’t look down. The demands of society and function will continue to expect my check every month. But really, I can always change what is included as my basis of operation.

First things first… Go to God, to discuss and then respond to His influence. Then go to family and ask for their input and ideas. Then reach out to my friends and others for resources. Downsize and discard the old. Begin each day with a new destination in mind. Make different choices (little ones at first, so as not to upset the linear flow). Change is not hard, it is just different.

This is an exciting life, in a beautiful world, among fantastic people and possibilities!

Don’t hesitate!

About Jean

Jean lives and works in the Great Northern state of Minnesota. Singer, musician, animal lover and spiritual pilgrim, she helps the office run smoothly by day, and trains clients in personal fitness and healthy living every other moment possible. She is the mother of two wonderful adult children, a daughter and son, who are forging their paths and both exercising their artistic talents.
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