Truth be known

Give me your words, Father, that hearts may hear of your love for us.

I wait upon you, Father… my words are your words. I speak, and others hear you. You are with me, always. I am not alone, ever. Your Spirit is within me, and you are in my heart. Bonding with my very DNA. The Life Force that is in me is You.  If the world knew this, there would be no fighting. No worry or doubt. Just to accept the connection, and to live in Christ’s freedom.

Humanity has been conditioned to believe that one must give up something precious to receive something good. BUT, this isn’t true. What is being “given up” are the shackles of pain, doubt, hurt, bad choices with their consequences… all negatives. ALL negatives. Whatever continues as negativity is somehow related to the old man: that which dies when the gift of Jesus’ sacrifice is accepted.  So, this notion of being “born again” is literally spiritually enacted. Make no mistake, the habits of the old man that were embedded there, clamor for attention. They rear their ugly heads giving us as newborns the chance to consciously dispose of them. In other words: Accepting freedom, departing from the old man, we then confess only that which is positive, good, constructive and lovely. We go directly to God, just as Jesus did, to confide in him, dwell in his family, operate as a child of his very own. We turn away from jealousy, anger, depression, doubt, worry, anxiety and anything that would step in-between us and God. We embrace God’s nature: Powerfully walking through our days. Caring, loving, helping, sharing and encouraging all those around us, so that they too can become His child.

This is a departure from the human experience we have owned since birth. This seems foreign to us, who have lived in a world drenched in the lies and depraved effects of the ruler of this world. But this so-called power of the evil one is as dirt under God’s children’s feet. It’s all flash and advertisement of a desperate loser. Jesus defeated evil when he sealed the deal at the cross… even though it appeared he had lost by dying, he fulfilled the actions needed to reconnect all of humanity to God. ALL of us are able to be spiritually seated at the right hand of the Father with Jesus if we accept his gift. No gimmicks, no tricks, no rules set up by any man-made doctrine or theology.  (Remember, gimmicks and tricks and rules are desperate measures to keep you trapped in despair.)

So, God is powerful. He is wise and patient. He is all-knowing, because He made it all. Believe him. Accept that Jesus was his son and that he died and rose again as ruler, and say so. Accept the gift of the Holy Spirit and show this by allowing the words of the Spirit to flow from your own mouth. This enables God to speak through you naturally as his child and to walk powerfully on this earth. Accept the gift of healing for yourself. You can do it. You can become the happiest, best version of you ever. Walk away from your “old man” and pay no attention to that ever again. Embrace God, his love, his gifts and rest in him. Be now Christ on earth, confessing those things that are real and thus they are, by God’s grace.

In every way, go to God. Give him all your needs, and accept his gifts. Live in freedom. Be happy, healthy, and share this with everyone. He deserves your gladness, your praise… because it’s one heck of a plan, don’t you think??

About Jean

Jean lives and works in the Great Northern state of Minnesota. Singer, musician, animal lover and spiritual pilgrim, she helps the office run smoothly by day, and trains clients in personal fitness and healthy living every other moment possible. She is the mother of two wonderful adult children, a daughter and son, who are forging their paths and both exercising their artistic talents.
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